Terms and Conditions


Only what has been agreed upon will be repaired.
If a chip or crack  “runs” in the repair process, Autoscreenz Partner™ will not be held responsible as broken glass is unpredictable.
If after a repair, a crack runs, the tech should be called immediately to try and repair the crack line.
Every care is taken to repair the damaged windscreen. However, as with all glass repair services, all repairs are done at the client’s risk.
No claims will be entertained.
If you do not agree with this then your only option is not to make use of our services.

Ask your Approved Autoscreenz Partner about their repair guarantee. This guarantee is valid for as long as you own the vehicle and the guarantee is not transferable.
Please register your repair here: guarantee registration
The original invoice must accompany all guarantee claims. Tampering with the windscreen will make the guarantee null and void.
When we perform a repair job, the objective is to prevent the damage from spreading further.
There is always a risk that the glass may break during or after the repair.

Our trained technicians will only use Diamond Resin™ and the results have proved that great results are achieved in most cases. Please ask the technician to show you their Autoscreenz™ Diamond Resin™ resin and ensure you’re receiving the best possible quality repair possible.

All chips and cracks are unique. If the windscreen breaks during the repair  then we will endeavour to assist in getting you a replacement windscreen and the cost of the repair will be deducted from the cost of the replacement windscreen. If the customer does not accept the quote for the replacement windscreen from our supplier, the client will accept the repair as we cannot guarantee results due to the type of damage and age of the repair.  
Autoscreenz does not undertake to make any monetary payment directly to the customer.

All Autoscreenz Partner™ Licensees operate independently and all businesses are individually owned.
Autoscreenz Partner™ will not accept liability to replace any windscreen if a repair is unsuccessful or cracks out after the repair.

There are risks associated with a windscreen repair.
These are:
• the possibility of the windscreen breaking or the damage spreading further during the repair process.
• the age, size and type of damage to the windscreen which can affect the repair and result in a blemish remaining on the glass.

All repairs are done at the client’s risk.

The customer acknowledges that the restoration procedure may differ from what the customer may deem “acceptable” methods.
The customer acknowledges that the repair process may leave some light scratch marks on the light which may still be visible when viewed up close and that every effort will be taken to minimise this when processing the lights. If the customer is still not satisfied with the results, the customer will have to have the light removed at the customer’s expense and the light would then need to be processes on a bench at the Autoscreenz Partner’s workshop. This may take up to two working days to complete and completely cure.

Fees quoted are estimates only. If the technician arrives and the damage is worse than expected, the Customer agrees to pay the specified hourly rate for services received.

Customer releases Autoscreenz ™ / Autoscreenz Partner  from any and all liability for lost or misplaced goods and any injuries or damages whatsoever, regardless of their nature, caused by the handling of Customer’s property after the Departure Time of the respective Autoscreenz Partner™ employees, licencees, or contractors as indicated herein.  and reserves the right to verify all claims using any and all reasonable standards for achieving proper verification of claims. Customer agrees to, without condition, these terms and conditions regarding The Autoscreenz Partner’s™ limitation of liability.

We may change the content of this undertaking from time to time. Whenever you want to take any action that is provided for in this document, then only the latest version will apply.
To get the latest copy, you must either –
• contact any of our dealers
• Visit our website (www.autoscreenzpartner.co.za).

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