We’ll teach you how to make money quickly, and offer a lifetime guarantee on your repair. Work you can be proud of.

What's this business
opportunity all about?

Since our founding, Autoscreenz Partner has been in the business of improving lives. Whether it’s the reliable, high-quality glass repair and replacement we provide our customers or the two unmatched business opportunities we offer our franchise owners, we make a habit of letting in a bit more light wherever we go. If your professional future has been looking foggy, it’s time to clear things up with the systems, training and opportunities from Autoscreenz Partner

Start Your own Autoscreenz Partner business

Autoscreenz Partner™ is the perfect start-up business opportunity making it possible for any entrepreneur to enter the motor industry while providing a valuable service that all vehicle owners will need sooner or later.

There is no limit to the clients out there. Every vehicle owner on the road is a potential client.

It is possible to run this business from home, add to your current workshop, carwash, garage or as a mobile unit, servicing clients right where they are. Repairs are quick, and cash flow is instant.

What's this business opportunity about?

We’ll teach you how to make money quickly, and offer a lifetime guarantee on your repair. Work you can be proud of.

If you've been looking for an add-on business for your current situation, look no further.

Why Autoscreenz Partner?

Autoscreenz Partner is an industry-leading glass franchise specializing in auto glass services. If you’d like to own a business in such a service vertical, join Autoscreenz Partner to enjoy a values-based culture, flexible workweek, and established systems for success.

Glass is Everywhere

As the number of vehicles increases, so does the need for auto glass repair and replacement requiring the technology advancements for proper calibration. When glass breaks or fogs with age in a home or business, it needs professional repair and replacement. 


Comprehensive training systems help owners and service professionals provide customers a consistent, high-quality experience from start to finish while making the owners’ employee training role easier, as well.


Opportunities available in numerous markets throughout Africa

Exclusive areas available. Subsidized options Available

National Licenses available

Autoscreenz Partner Chip Repair

Windscreen Chip Repair

Autoscreenz Partner Crack Repair

Windscreen Crack Repair


Headlight Restoration

Vehicle Glass Restoration (Glass Lights)

What we do for you


Listing on the Autoscreenz Partner ™ site with your details and a link to your website and location on Google maps*

Autoscreenz Partner Vehicle Branding


Professional Autoscreenz Partner™ branding on your vehicle

Autoscreenz Partner Business Cards and Flyers

Business cards & Flyers

Professional Autoscreenz Partner™ Business Cards & Flyers

Autoscreenz Partner Logo

Your own website

We will provide you with your own website to help market your business.

Personalized email address


Autoscreenz Partner Uniform


Professional Autoscreenz Partner™ Apparel

Autoscreenz Partner Training Manual


We’ll teach you everything you need to know to offer a lifetime guarantee on your repair.

You could start making money immediately

Hit the ground running with our proven Autoscreenz Partner TM techniques.Our methods come from years of experience. Our methods and premium consumables will be made available to you as an Autoscreenz Partner™ at discounted rates. 

Is this business opportunity for me?
We are very proud of what we do and the services we offer.

We look for like minded individuals, that aren’t afraid of hard work.
Buying the tools and being able to do the work is just the beginning.
Anyone can succeed and do the work. We’ve trained individuals from all walks of life and 99% have found the training easy and informative. Men and Women!

What you need:

A positive attitude towards your business, life and to want to excel in your business and future.

Commitment to providing superior service.

Provide quality repairs and always maintain that your customer’s safety is your first priority.

To never compromise on quality by using cheap materials in carrying out your repair work.

Be proud and enjoy growth and benefits that come with being part of the Autoscreenz Partner™ family.

 * Subject to options taken when buying the business opportunity.

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